Recipe Cards

I am testing & developing these Recipe Cards....but not the traditional kind you fill in and put in a recipe box, but an illustrated recipe you can mail to someone as a 6X9 folded card.  Here is the first fully illustrated version (my Olive Oil Carrot Cake recipe) after some rounds of sketches (scroll down) in playing with and solving the Utensils and Ingredients sections in the centerfold.  Now I have to work on the front cover with an illustration of the cake itself and the Instructions will go in the back.  A separate small card will be included for writing personal messages.

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Olive Oil Carrot Cake_Ingredients.jpg
Olive Oil Carrot Cake.jpg

SKETCH: Olive Oil Carrot Cake

I tested out my Olive Oil Carrot Cake, which has a good amount of ingredients & equipment to fill the page.


SKETCH: Gougéres

Then I did one on Gougé see how the composition might work with only very few ingredients.  It gets kinda fun coz I have more room to create context or embellish the environment.  Here, I added an old-fashioned sink and some decorative elements.

Bibb-Jicama Salad w Shrimp.jpg

SKETCH: Gougéres

This sketch is to test recipes that have multiple parts.  A salad may seem easy coz everything ends up on one plate, but the components require separate prep before they get assembled.  Here is the Salad with Tequila Shrimp recipe, which is a 3-part recipe of the greens, shrimp and dressing.


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