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Honey Bees

This Saturday, Aug 17th, is National Honey Bee Day. Let us honor and celebrate our little friends who work really hard in keeping our planet alive.

Years ago, I was talking to a friend who raises bees in upstate New York, and had asked about how long do bees live for. She explained that their life spans are not so much counted by the number of days....but measured more like mileage on a car. That their lifespan somewhat depends on how far they have flown in their life. Hence, the worker bees who go out collecting pollen everyday will have a shorter lifespan than say, the ladies-in-waiting bees that stay in and tend to the queen. Fascinating.

Also, honey is the only food in the world that never spoils. The oldest honey is something like 3,000 years old found in the pyramids and apparently still totally edible.

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Forms of Honey

The three most common forms of honey are comb honey, liquid honey and creamed honey. Comb honey are raw honey in its purest form, cut straight from the hive. Liquid honey is what most of us will have as a staple in our pantry, and creamed honey is crystalized honey that is whipped till smooth.

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Types of Honey & Flavors

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