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Herb Garden

Although spring seemed to have arrived late this year, my (container) herb garden is well on its way. As usual, I grow my pantry staples - which is great, as they not only add greenery to my kitchen window, I can conveniently harvest them fresh as needed and they go right into whatever I am cooking. My usual suspects are basil, sage, parsley, rosemary, thyme and chives.

Every year, I try to grow one or 2 things that are new or different. Last year, I tried growing french breakfast radishes in a large, deep pot and it actually worked. Well, I got miniature, baby ones.....but they were as good as any. This year, the special guests are Nasturtium and Lovage.

Nasturtium are pretty for their round leaves and bright-colored flowers. They add a peppery bite to salads - both leaves and flowers. I did some research on other uses and it seems popular to stuff the flowers with herb cheese to serve as hors d'oeuvres. Maybe I will try that next.

Lovage....I had known of it but never seen them before in real-life let alone cook with it. It was my friend, William's, pick (he came with me to the garden store and I gave him a dealer's choice). They look kinda like parsley but taste like a strong, earthy celery with something in it that makes me think of dried orange peel. No idea yet what to cook with it.


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