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Hello friends!  If you're on here, that means you have been invited to the soft launch of my online shop.  You can place an order even though it is technically in beta testing for the next two weeks.  So if there are any issues or glitches, or you see something priced at $500 instead of $5 (obviously don't buy), please do let me know.  

As for you lot in NY, if you don't want to pay shipping, you know where to find me.

FYI July is also World Watercolour Month.  I did not know there is such a thing until today, which is quite serendipitous.  The Dreaming Zebra Foundation founded this charitable event to raise awareness of children in need of art education and art supplies around the world.  The challenge is 31 watercolours in 31 days, posted to social media.  I will be doing this via Instagram even though it is not a fair challenge since I already have an abundance of things to post.  Regardless, I support the mission.  @yeesanloh #WorldWatercolorMonth

On that note, I leave you guys to it and please, please please let me know what you think,  I welcome all feedback.




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